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Many parts are available to be ordered.  They include major sub-assemblies as well as individual parts  Contact TE Systems to order the needed part.
Be advised that due to the complexity of the RF electronics, servicing in the field by non-experienced techs may not result in properly working equipment and could result in a duplicate expense to the equipment owner.
Parts ordering requires:
  • Customer name + ship-to address + telephone#
  • Model# and serial# - description of part(s) required
  • We can then provide a price and delivery availability
  • Some sub-assemblies with multiple parts have prices that include the costs of the parts, assembly and testing
  • Payment by credit card (MC/Visa/Amex) or COD, as agreed
TE Systems contact information:
TELEPHONE   310.478.0591   (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
EMAIL   sales@tesystems.com
FAX   310.473.4038
Ordered parts are shipped FOB our facility in Los Angeles. Ship method is normally ground but three, two and next-day options are available.